Alison Freer-Jones - Melton Warwick Ward
Tel:07584 039125

I am Alison Freer-Jones, and if I can take some of your time, I will briefly explain why I can be a good representative for you in the Warwick Ward..

I am married to Andrew Jones, a Service Delivery Manager for an IT Company and I have a wonderful 18 year old son in his first year as a Level 3 IT Apprentice. I am head of maths, English and ICT at a Special Education school in Leicestershire with close family in Melton with nieces who attend local schools.

Over the past twenty years I have been involved with local community projects, undertaking a variety of roles. I am a Rotarian, a charity trustee and a chair of a residents association. All these activities are an extension of my passion for Melton.

I continue to fight hard on projects that are important to you and challenge the status quo, to ensuring that your voice is heard. I will listen to you when you call upon me, and as a former member of the local council I have excellent experience to benefiting you and the area you live.


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