Pru Chandler – Bottesford Ward
Tel: 01949 842355

Pru is a member of a farming family from Muston and has gained extensive knowledge of Bottesford and Muston, Easthorpe and Normanton by serving as a parish councillor for 18 years prior to being elected to Melton Borough Council in 2003, during which time she chaired both the Planning Committee and the Governance Committee. She was first elected to Melton Borough Council in 2003, in addition to being lead member of the Local Plan which was formally adopted in Autumn 2018 to allocate development sites over the next 20 years.
In May 2018 she was elected Mayor of the Borough during which time she was privileged to meet many people who give up their time to help others in our communities.
Pru appreciates that housing numbers are of concern to many local residents, but local employers do keep telling of their need to recruit labour, and the requirement is therefore for more Affordable Housing. The number allocated to Bottesford over the next 20 years is virtually identical to what has been built over the past proceeding years.
She is aware too of the concerns that many residents have relating to the number of accidents that have taken place on the Leicestershire section of the A52. Together with County Councillor Byron Rhodes, and the support of our MP Sir Alan Duncan she has demanded that improvements are made to all junctions on that 4 mile stretch. The section of road comes within the ‘Highways England’ remit and Pru has put to them that lighting and safe havens at the junctions are long overdue.
During her time as a Councillor, Pru has always been quick to respond to any complaints or queries that have been raised. Her pledge was to continue in that vein.

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