David Wilby – Ryhall and Casterton Ward
Tel: 07551 905618
E-mail: dwilby@rutland.gov.uk

David says:
You kindly elected me to serve as your Ward Member in the last General and County Elections of 2015 and again in May 2019
Since then I have been privileged to be a member of the Rutland Cabinet within the Council and I have
held the Portfolio for Education in 2018
This has been an interesting experience and I have done my very best to serve you with enthusiasm, prudence and timely intervention. Our Schools are doing well thanks to the tremendous efforts of our
Teachers who have been led well by passionate Principals, and we will strive to sustain the above National average results that we currently enjoy. Our rural environment and reducing budgets increase our
challenges but, by working together to ensure best practice, we will continue to ensure that every Rutland Child is given the opportunity to reach its full potential. Moreover, we are improving our ability within the
County to look after those Children with learning difficulties and special needs.

You will all have learned of the Government’s wish to increase our new build housing programme and I, along with our County Council, will do our very best to make sure that these developments are afforded the
necessary infrastructure to make sure that we can maintain the Rutland charm safely, that the numbers of affordable houses grow to look after the needs of our younger generation, that we encourage Local Industry
and Commerce to provide more gainful employment and that we take advantage of extra monies raised by these new Communities to improve our environment and facilities.

There are many challenges that lie ahead but I firmly believe that, together, we can move forward very positively to maintain Rutland as one of the most desirable places in the Country to live and enjoy. I offer
you a ready ear, honest comment and a firm commitment to always do my very best on your behalf.

David Wilby
Conservative Candidate for Ryhall and Casterton Ward

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